Arnold Schönberg Center - Brief Datenbank

Abendroth, Hermann (1883-1956) German conductor print preview
Abraham, Gerald (1904-1988) English musicologist and music critic print preview
Abraham, M.S. (n.d.) of Independent Music Publishers, NY print preview
Abrams, Samuel J. (n.d.) Rabbi, Temple Ohabei Shalom, Brookline, MA print preview
Achron, Marie (1886-1960) wife of Joseph Achron (1886-1943), a Russian-born American violinist and composer, studied in St. Petersburg, settled in Hollywood (1925) and composed for film print preview
Ackerman, R. (n.d.) criticized AS's 12-tone music; lived in Beverly Hills print preview
Adami, Trude (n.d.) hoped to buy/rent some of AS's published music from Universal Edition (UE) print preview
Adams, Jack (n.d.) of W. Colston Leigh Inc., NY; notified AS of a radio broadcast of Verklärte Nacht print preview
Adams, John Mead (n.d.) of UCLA print preview
Adams, Juliette Aurelia Graves (n.d.) pianist, composer, and teacher; member of the Executive Committee of the Music Teachers' National Association print preview
Adams, Mildred (n.d.) Executive Secretary, Emergency Rescue Committee, NY print preview
Adams, Robert D.W. (n.d.) Chair, Dept. of Music, Univ. of Kansas City; translated AS's Harmonielehre into English print preview
Adler, F. Charles (1889-1959) American conductor print preview
Adler, Guido (1855-1941) Viennese musicologist; guided Webern's dissertation at Univ. of Vienna print preview
Adler, Oskar (1875-1955) physician and violinist; childhood friend of AS; published Das Testament der Astrologie (5 vols.) print preview
Adler, Raïssa (n.d.) family friend print preview
Adler, Rudolf (n.d.) participated in rehearsals for a performance of Verklärte Nacht print preview
Adlon, Louis (1874-1945) owner of Hotel Adlon in Berlin print preview
Adorno, Gretel print preview
Adorno, Theodor Wiesengrund (1903-1969) German social philosopher, sociologist of music and composer print preview
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