Usage instruction

The image archive contains thousands of scans from the legacy of Arnold Schönberg: photographs, adress files, paintings and drawings, object images, etc.

If you wish to browse through the contents, click on the vertical BROWSE-tab on the very left of this page and navigate through a structured list of resources types and tags.

Simple Search
This function is suitable for anyone who is already familiar with the contents of the image archive and wishes to perform a quick search for particular subjects like certain persons, ID numbers, keywords, etc.

Advanced Search
This function provides the possibility to execute combined and more specific searches. Although it is complex to handle, the Advanced Search is suitable for persons looking for certain subjects, without knowing exactly what is provided in the archive.

You can access the Advanced Search via the home page, by clicking the link in the Simple Search box on the right.

By clicking the "Clear"-button at the top, all input in fields from previous search queries will be deleted. This button should be used prior to each new search.

You MUST select at least one of the "Resource Type" checkboxes in the upper part of the Advanced Search. The checkboxes are usually ticked by default.

Besides the dropdown menus and checkboxes where you can choose from given entries, you may have already noticed the line "Start typing keyword..." in some of the fields. These fields support a function called "auto suggest": type in any letter and all terms with these initial letters will appear as suggestions under the field form. Choose one of the terms and it will immediately be added to your current search query. Unlike the dropdown menus (where you can choose only one single entry for a field) you can repeat this process and add as many terms to the same field as you would like.

Please note: in the field "Named person(s)" the last name comes first! This means that if you are looking for Arnold Schönberg you have to type "S" to obtain the suggestion "Schönberg Arnold" along with other names starting with "S".

Any field left blank or unticked will include ALL those terms in the search. For example, if you leave all the country box empty, the search will return results from all those countries. If you select "Austria" then the results will ONLY contain resources from "Austria".

Learn how to combine two or more fields to execute a highly specific search! For example, fill out "Schönberg Arnold" in "Named Person(s)", choose "Single Person" in the dropdown menu "Photo Subject" and finally "Interior" in "Extended Description", and you will be presented with all single portrait photographs of Arnold Schönberg, excluding all outdoor-snapshots.

The upper group of the search fields (from "All Fields" to "Keywords") consists of "Global Fields", which refer to each every single item in the archive, no matter of what type.

If you have any problems or questions, please send us a mail:

High-resolution resources
You are only allowed to view and download low-quality previews of the items in our archive. High-resolution reproductions for publication purposes can be ordered from the Center: