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Date from letter: 1940.10.04 Filing Element: 1940.10.04
ID: 10813
Name: Goehr, Rudolf
Address: Hotel Bristol, Rue des Grandes Fabriques, Perpignan, France
City: Perpignan
Country: France
Other Names: Yehudith Goehr-Shlionsky
Name: Schönberg, Arnold
Address: 116 North Rockingham Avenue, Los Angeles (Brentwood), CA, USA
City: Los Angeles, Calif.
Country: USA
First Line: Vielen Dank für Ihren Brief. Wir mussten inzwische
Postmark date and place: 1940.10.05, Perpignan
Language: G, German
VersionFormatfolSourceLocation in source
Final versionhandwritten postcard (2p.)2p.LC
Final versionmicrofilm (2fr)2fr.ASCSatCollL10, rl.27, fr.13-14
Final versionphotocopy (2p.)2p.ASCL13G7
Final versionscan (2f.)2f.ASCLC058
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